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Corporate Events

Enjoy a uniquely empowering training day. We’ll take your leadership skills to new levels, help you become more authentic, build followership, and unlock leadership abilities to create immediate and lasting results for you and your team.

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EAL Certification

Dreaming of a fulfilling career with horses?  Dreamwinds’ EAL Facilitator Certification offers the proven Cartier Farms curriculum, all the tools to get started, practical experience and a lifetime of coaching and support.

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Youth Leadership

In a world of technology and texting, we can’t lose sight of interpersonal skills and relationships!   Our hands-on youth programs are designed to build communication, leadership, and teamwork skills and uncover a new found confidence.

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An Introduction to Dreamwinds EAL

What is EAL?

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL)  is an experiential approach to teaching life skills like leadership, communication and teamwork using horses. Our program is an objective based learning program where participants work on the ground with horses through carefully designed objective-based obstacles and problem solving exercises.

The horses’ sensitive nature, awareness of their surroundings and herd instincts make them exceptional teachers.  Working together with groups and teams, horses look for a leader, the same kind of compassionate, clear and confident leader that people seek and through our many experiential programs they help gently guide participants, letting them know when they get it right and when they have opportunities to grow!

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