Ladies Night – 2020 Gift Certificate

While we can’t run programs right now, we are looking forward to kicking off our Ladies Night Programs as soon as we’re permitted to open our doors!   Buy your ticket now and save!   Look forward to an unforgettable evening together with our horses!

Certificate can be redeemed for any 2020 or 2021 scheduled Ladies Night Program.   We look forward to resuming our monthly ladies night programs this summer!

Join us for an unforgettable Ladies Night filled with horse play! There is just nothing like the bond that develops between women and horses. It’s an experience, a connection like no other and they teach us so much in the process.

Get up close and personal with our horses. Build trust and confidence. Develop new communication skills and self awareness and experience first hand how our horses respond and embrace you as part of their herd. Each month we will have a new and exciting exercise that will build on the last, promoting learning, self discovery and a unique ‘girls night’ experience you won’t forget!

Regular Cost: $65 + HST per session;

Now save 20% $52/person +hst
Ages 21+

April 3 @ 07:00 — December 31 @ 01:15
07:00 — 01:15 (6522h 15′)