Corporate Team Building Toronto

Corporate team building using equine assisted learning

corporate team building torontoEquine assisted learning has long been used to assist in psychological healing of children and adults alike. With the help of horses, at-risk youth and victims of PTSD are able to overcome obstacles that prevent them from embracing the brighter future for which they are destined. Dreamwinds takes a similar methodology and applies that to corporate team building in order to bring about:

  • team work
  • communication
  • leadership
  • confidence
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • and morale.

A combination of these qualities result in an improved company culture, and ultimately delivers improved results.

About Equine Assisted Corporate Team Building Toronto

Dreamwinds provides a range of customizable team building programs, structured to meet the company’s desired outcomes. Since the corporate team building days are facilitated in a relaxed environment on a ranch, employees are more likely to relax and be open to learning from their equine therapists.

The Dreamwinds team consists of a certified EAL Facilitators and amazing intuitive horses. This unique approach helps clients to learn about themselves and about others through specifically designed activities, and in discussion have an opportunity to discuss the behavioural patterns and feelings.  As clients improve their communication and leadership approach, the horses respond with immediate positive feedback driving immediate and lasting change.

While the presence of the horse may be intimidating for some, the corporate team building days are filled with fun and laughter.  The Dreamwinds team works closely with clients to help them work through any fear or uncertainty so they can safely and confidently enjoy the experience with their equine partners.  Most often, participants are amazed at how simply valuable messages and lessons just ‘click’ all of a sudden. Horses can teach clients much during a corporate team building day, including:

  • assertiveness
  • patience
  • healthy boundaries
  • leadership
  • honest communication
  • body language
  • and much more.

For most, the benefits of equine assisted corporate team building days are astounding.

Corporate Team Building Toronto: Dreamwinds Packages

Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre offers a variety of scheduled corporate team building programs, as well as bespoke team building activities to suit your company’s specific requirements. Regular events include:

  • Mini Breakthrough
  • Half-day Transformation
  • Full-day Game Changer
  • Ladies Night
  • Date Night
  • and many more.

With a strong background in the corporate world, our knowledgeable (human) facilitators have experienced the same challenges your employees are facing, and they have the experience to translate your horse-based activities in the arena back to your work life.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our team building and youth leadership programs, or find out how you can become a Certified EAL Facilitator.