Horse Jobs

Are you looking for horse jobs?

horse jobsOwner and founder of Dreamwinds Equestrian Assisted Learning Centre, Tracey Evans combined her passion for horses and her passion for developing people into a corporate leadership opportunity. It took her several years to figure out just how to make the shift out of the corporate world and into her own business, Dreamwinds.

The shift happened when she found an incredible program, the Cartier Farms EAL Facilitators Certification Program which taught her how to link specific exercises using horses to specific outcomes that would teach people those team building and leadership skills in a succinct and effective manner. The program provided her a full curriculum of exercises that are linked to specific objectives, and that’s the program that she implements when training potential EAL facilitators at Dreamwinds, a satellite training facility for Cartier Farms.

Horse Jobs with Dreamwinds EAL Facilitator Certification

Tracey is a Master EAL Instructor with a background in the corporate world. The Dreamwinds EAL Facilitators Training therefore includes comprehensive business training and mentoring too. That means that when you come for EAL Facilitators Training at Dreamwinds, you will receive:

  • the foundation of EAL
  • practical experience with clients
  • all the tools, information and training needed to set up your own business, including websites, brochures
  • a tested and proven 12-step curriculum that delivers effective results.
  • 90 Minutes of Business Coaching, Alumni Group Membership and Lifetime apprenticeship opportunities

The EAL curriculum can be used on anyone from corporate teams, to youth-at-risk, special needs to PTSD and more. There is no limit as to how Dreamwinds’ EAL program can be used to help communities. Within just five days, you can obtain all the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to start your horse career.

Horse Jobs Training at Dreamwinds

Dreamwinds currently offers two types of EAL certification, namely:

  • EAL Facilitator Certification Level 1
  • Advanced EAL Certification

Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with Tracey. She will gladly spend some time with you to define your goals and objectives and help you through the stages to becoming a Certified EAL Facilitator.