Team Building Activities

Memorable team building events that leave a lasting impression

Team Building ActivitesEffective team building activities require much more than just sack races or forcing a group of people to socialize over a corporate dinner. If you want to realize lasting change, consider enrolling your group in equine assisted learning. By taking individuals out of their daily routine and comfort zone, and employing a unique approach towards team building activities, you can help build character, improve communication and forge strong, lasting connections between the people who constitute the heart of your company.

Dreamwinds Team Building Activities

Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre combines a range of unusual resources to create instant change and deliver lasting results. Our team building activities take place on a scenic ranch, and the unique approach is facilitated using highly sensitive horses that are highly attuned to their surroundings, including the people in attendance.

As masters in teamwork and leadership, horses are the ideal partners for team building activities. Your horse partner will provide an honest, real-time performance review.

Clients will interact with the horses, connecting with them on a personal level. They own their own personal development, which makes equine assisted learning an unparalleled opportunity for enhanced self-reflection and increased self-awareness.

Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre offers a variety of schedule programs, as well as bespoke team building activities based on your company’s specific needs. Some of our regular events include:

  • Mini Breakthrough
  • Half-day Transformation
  • Full-day Game Changer
  • Ladies Night
  • Date Night
  • Future Leaders Youth Programs
  • and many more.

We also host regular Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator Certification courses to help interested parties kickstart their horse careers.

With a strong background in the corporate world, our knowledgeable (human) facilitators have experienced the same challenges you’re facing, and they know how to translate your horse-based activities in the arena back to your work life.

Get in touch with Dreamwinds to find out more about the team building activities we can arrange for your team.