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Did you know that all the skills, behaviours and attitudes required to lead horses are the same skills, behaviours and attitudes you need to be a successful team leader at work or in your organization.

Do you want to improve your:

  • problem solving skills?Team Building with Horses
  • communication skills?
  • leadership skills?
  • confidence?

Team building with horses is the answer.

Horses require strong leadership, which makes them the ideal training facilitators for a strong, engaged, and goal focused team.

How Does Team Building with Horses Work?

When you visit Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre, you will be teamed up with a horse. We will then put you through phased exercises that will lead you through team leadership skills. Your horse will provide honest and consistent feedback throughout the process.

Horses are completely honest. They will not follow you unless you’re a good leader. They will not respond unless you communicate effectively. Unless you’re engaging, they will not engage with you. These are some of the skills you will learn during Team building with Horses and we will help you to translate it into your work life, providing actionable feedback you can apply to build a successful team.

All our training is facilitated outside of the saddle. It involves no riding and no previous horse experience is necessary.

Team Building with Horses Eradicates Employee Turnover and Disengagement

Employee turnover and disengagement cost organizations up to millions of dollars every year, which is why it is crucial to equip your team with the skills, attitudes and behaviours they need to succeed in your business.

Many of our clients claim to learn more in one horsemanship session than they did in ten or more years of corporate leadership training. Watch your team engagement improve as you work with the horses, and as the horse becomes more engaged, providing that critical feedback.

You have been taught what it takes to be a good leader. You know what to avoid as a bad leader. But how much skill have you taken away from those countless hours of traditional corporate leadership training? How has it really benefited you?

At Dreamwinds, we place you in a situation where you can gain practical experience even before you know what you are learning. You learn through the experience, gaining valuable communication skills that will benefit you not only at work, but life in general.

You will experience a sense of achievement when you learn those critical leadership skills.

These skills learned through this unique, experiential approach cannot be unlearned.

Dreamwinds’ programmes are custom designed to equip your team with the skills, attitudes and behaviours to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Get in touch with Dreamwinds today if you want to lead a highly engaged, high performance, success-oriented team.