I absolutely loved the experience.  It was a great team bonding activity and helped me build confidence with horses as well.  Would recommend this to everyone.

Sajal ManandharAccount Manager - Google

The session made it very easy to understand the importance of teamwork and the different skills each team member has.  It was very enjoyable and Tracey and team are very knowledgable and give actionable feedback.

Paola PedrazaStrategic Partner Manager - Google

I’m a city guy, hence, i felt very uncomfortable at first in the setting and with horses. After 3 morning activities, I quickly learned to trust; the staff and facilities, the horses, and my team.

Duc ``The City Guy`` BaylatryCIBC 2017

Really an amazing experience & a unique approach to teaching leadership. Will test your communication style and ability to adapt for success. Loved the horses & great facilitators.

Simone BuslovichHR Leader Canada - Armstrong Fluid Technology

I loved spending the day with my colleagues amongst the horses – what a wonderful way to get to know your peers better and experience team work in a different setting. Tracey created scenarios that pushed each of us to take on different roles while learning all about the horses and how to take care of them. I highly recommend as a great team building exercise.

Sophia Massari

Excellent program! Very unique and enjoyable. Gets the message across in a creative & memorable way!

Team Member 2015CIBC

While working with the horses I learned a lot of valuable tactics that can be applied in my day-to-day leadership. Tracey’s passion for the horses and her in-depth leadership knowledge shows through in her delivery and added tremendous value to the overall experience. It was a remarkable session that I would recommend to anyone who wants to strengthen their leadership skills and team effectiveness.

Ildiko Siklodi

I had the pleasure of attending a leadership course at Dreamwinds last year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was surprising how much I learned about my own and my colleagues’ leadership style and how it changes within a group. It was an enjoyable departure from typical leadership training courses.

Peace ZigahAmerican Express

I work in a small office of only three people, and have learned the importance of communication in such a small team. Not only were the challenges of each activity a great way for us to learn about how to work better as a team, but adding in a 1,200lb horse meant some team members had to overcome some nervousness and the discomfort of being in an unfamiliar situation. By the end of the day our team agreed that although we had very different styles of leading and communication, by being accepting of those differences, we could accomplish great things.

Jordan Brown

The Dreamwinds EAL Program encouraged us to communicate with each other and the horses, our teams could easily identify who were strong verbal communicators and who was skilled at leadership through action.  The program was a wonderful introduction to the world of horses but also an incredible experience to share with my team.  We bonded, made memories and learned more about each other and ourselves.  Tracey brings a valuable balance of experience from both the boardroom and the paddocks and is the perfect leader to a team building event supported by her trusty staff of horses.

Vanessa CrookerAmerican Express

Provided an opportunity to team build, listen and enhance our verbal & non-verbal skills!

S. Ashfield

Great experience with my team. I gained a great amount of lessons to carry into the rink. Thanks Dreamwinds!

Markham Waxer

Came to EAL not really knowing what to expect, and how we would be interacting with horses to learn more about communicating & collaborating as a team. It was a great experience, truly enjoyed it & learned a lot about myself & team members. I was able to adapt to the various situations to achieve the task trusting my team, especially the horses. I would definitely do this again & recommend it to others. Thanks EAL team!!

AudreyCIBC 2017

What can I say? An awesome experience delivering beyond expectations!

Dr. DaveAssistant Trainer

Wow that a GREAT Night! We had the pleasure of working with Whisper (the horse) are our teammate tonight. While being blindfolded and have to lead Whisper, with each other’s instruction, through obstacle courses, was really cool. It was amazing to see how Whisper would respond to us and how our voices, our body language guided her or not LOL. Great experience that I think all couples should do.

Tammy Hudgin

This was a brilliant experience and I would have never in my wildest dreams connected this pairing as a leadership training but after this experience I can’t believe how many revelations and aha moments I had. Amazing!!!

Janet RamcharitarDirector of HR - Acco Brands

Tracey and Jenn’s experience and education made the course run smoothly, provided lots of learning opportunities and they had many stories to enhance my education. Their passion for what they do made it easy for me to relax and know that I was in the right place and this is what I wanted to learn. I knew that everyone at Dreamwinds was there to support me and I couldn’t have asked for a better course, experience or opportunity.

Heather Wilson

Sheri and I had such an amazing time with Tracey Evans at Dreamwinds Date Night. Our evening was filled with gentle Horses (Oliver), expert guidance and enriching time with our spouses and so much laughter. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend where you come away with deeper insights on how you communicate with each other and gel together while having loads of fun with these magnificent creatures, then check out Dreamwinds Date Night

Ian Cantle

Al and I are so impressed. Thank you for an evening we won’t soon forget. Looking forward to next time!

Karen Spiers

Experience was extremely rewarding. Had slight hesitation with horses prior to the course. Learned a lot about teamwork and how different approaches work when applying it to different problems. Lessons are very transferable to day to day issues, with work, daily life, and any other situations that may arise.

Kevin ThuyCIBC 2017

I was a bit if not more apprehensive about how I could get a horse to perform tasks. It was reassuring that we worked in a group with instructors who provided support and feedback. This was an amazing learning experience I would not have thought possible! Keep up the great work!

Team Member 2015CIBC

The staff at Dreamwinds were so friendly, they were knowledgeable, approachable and so understanding.  I suggested we do this at least once a year!  Such a wonderful experience, I highly recommend this place.  Had a wonderful time, can’t say it enough. Thank you!

Team Member 2015CIBC

From a fear of leading horses to leading one blindfolded with my husband guiding me!! Huge leaps in such a short time. Trust in your partner but also belief in yourself is developed, enhanced. Incidentally, the timelines are perfect for parents with babysitters! Dinner out than a session with Dreamwinds and home early-ish! Perfect!

Jennifer Harrison

Dreamwinds EAL is a wonderful program! it is a very unique and educational experience. I encourage any who are considering it to try it. It is very fun and fulfilling. The horses are very gentle and the staff supervise the activities very well. I personally loved my time here.

Gabrielle LeeStudent - Father John Redmond, TDCSB

I loved how the facilitators were not only experienced with horses but also with corporate work environments.  They spoke our ‘language’ and could tie our experience back to the challenges we face every day

Team MemberShepell

This was such an amazing experience. I was terrified of horses and the confidence I walked away with was empowering. I helped a horse cross a bridge!

DianaMaple Child Care Services

A great day all around and interesting to see the links between what do each and every day in the office and how it translates to working with horses

Team MemberShepell

The learning is incredible, what we accomplished at Dreamwinds in half a day far outweighs what we’ve accomplished previously. Incredible!

Maple Child Care Services

The staff, facility and our four-legged team members were fantastic.  I learned a lot about my own leadership style in a very welcoming and positive environment.

Team MemberShepell

It was a great experience pairing up our team members and a horse.  It was nice spending time around the horse, as well as learning skills to bring back to our work.  Communication is a tool that everyone could use some extra work on and this was a different/enjoyable way to do so.

KatelynRoyal Canin

Dreamwinds is an exciting, engaging opportunity to consider new and innovative techniques to communicate and collaborate that will last a lifetime.  Great experience!

Team MemberShepell

Great learning experience on trust and relying on each other.

Team MemberCrane Payment Innovation

The staff experience and knowledge was greatly appreciated.  This was a great out of the box learning experience that I will definitely be able to apply to my day to day work life

Team MemberShepell

Very interesting and non-standard approach using horses and teaching teambuilding and leadership. Well done. I would recommend it to other people!

Team MemberCrane Payment Innovation

This was a great first test to our relationship, which was positive, fun and educational.  A great night to spend with the person you love!

Brandon Hall

At first I was hesitant to participate but slowly I got comfortable with the horses. The exercises are really good and they really help you build your leadership skills. Overall I think this session was amazing and would definitely do it again.

Kathia SupilanasStudent - Father John Redmond, TDCSB

This was a very fun and educational experience.  By going through the exercises and having things like touch, vision, voice, hearing te

Pam McKayD.V.M. - Royal Canin

Such a wonderful experience.  I experienced it from a work component but could see how useful it would be in a family/school environment.  Would do it again for sure.

Erin PettipasRoyal Canin